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Wake Up To Politics - To New Subscribers




Hi all — I sent the note below on Tuesday, and wanted to re-send it to the over 3,000(!) of you who have subscribed since then to let you know there have been no newsleters this week so I could study for my final exams. Don't worry: if you're getting this email, you did successfully sign up, and will begin getting WUTP in your inbox in Monday. Thank you so much for subscribing; I appreciate your understanding.
Editor's Note

Before I head off to my first second semester final exam, I wanted to thank everyone who subscribed to WUTP this weekend after the New York Times, CNN, and KSDK pieces. This email is being sent to over 28,000 people, an astounding increase from the 2,000 subscribers I had just last week. I was blown away by all the kind notes I received, and will be trying to respond to as many as possible in the days ahead.

However, as was mentioned in the Times, I will not be writing the newsletter this week, to ensure that I can be at my best for final exams (wish me luck!). I am truly sorry, but appreciate your understanding. WUTP will be back with all your political news next Monday, so don't go anywhere!

Thanks again for understanding,
Gabe Fleisher
Wake Up To Politics