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Wake Up To Politics - Five Years

Hello all, and Happy Tuesday! There will be no full edition of Wake Up To Politics today, but I do want to take this opportunity to mark a special day: the fifth anniversary of this newsletter, which is today. Five years ago today, without even an email address of my own, I sent out the first edition of The Daily Rundown to my parents, my first subscribers. I never could have imagined how much the newsletter would grow, change, or become.
    I like to think, however, that the core of the newsletter (whether it's TDR or WUTP) has been the same: to inform my readership (however small at the time) on the important political events of the day, on what their leaders are doing, in a way that was both comprehensive and understandable. I hope I have achieved.
    The newsletter will be back in your inbox tomorrow, but I thought this would be a nice time to take a step back, and thank all of you: from those who have been reading and encouraging me for all five years, to those you subscribed just last week. I could not have done it without any of you.
    I know it sounds strange, but five years ago, I truly had no sense of how much I was doing: no plans to grow the newsletter. It was never my plan to be featured on the front page, or be on TV, or go to debates, or interview politicians, or even expand my one subscriber into over one thousand across the world. But, I feel so fortunate - that with the help of so many of you - that is what this has become.
    I'll back tomorrow, with the news.

The first newsletter I ever sent, embarrassing coloring and poor writing and all.
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